Privacy and Legal


Here are the privacy and legal policies Koodo Mobile strictly follows.


We’re committed to protecting your personal info. Read our Privacy Commitment for details. If you have any questions or concerns about Koodo's privacy practices, you may call 1-855-525-6636 or email

Accessibility at Koodo Mobile

At Koodo we value diversity and inclusiveness and support a work environment where all individuals, including those with varying abilities, are treated with dignity and respect. Learn more.

Webstore Security

We’re committed to providing you with a safe environment to buy products from our Webstore. Learn about our security and Webstore policies.

Web Terms

While going through the Koodo Mobile site, you automatically agreed to certain terms. Learn what they are.

Service Terms

By activating your Koodo phone, you agreed to Koodo Mobile’s Service Terms. If you activated your phone online, you would have seen the service terms. But if you want another look, here they are.

User Content

Learn more about our Koodo Community user content policy.

Experiencing some difficulties?

Send us your comments or suggestions on any of our products or services. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) may be able to assist you. Do you know your rights as a wireless consumer? This CRTC checklist will help you to understand the most important things that the Wireless Code does for you.

Wireless Video Experience Optimization

In order to provide the best possible experience when streaming videos on your mobile wireless device, we've implemented Wireless Video Experience Optimization. Video Experience Optimization improves video streaming by encoding files to reduce their size. As a result, you can save on data usage, videos can be loaded faster and there's less risk of buffering and fewer stalls, without noticeably reducing the image quality. Please note that the level of optimization in different video files will vary based on the degree to which the videos are already optimized, and based on the display capabilities of the device you use. Learn more. With Video Experience Optimization in place, you can continue to access the same range of Internet content, applications and services, subject only to the general rules in our standard mobility Service Terms.